The 2018 Florida Legislative Session began its 60 day trek to completion on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.  Both House and Senate will be debating various health related bills which may be of interest to healthcare providers in the State.  The following is a sample of those bills which we feel are pertinent to our clients’ practices and the patients/customers that they serve.  We encourage you to review these bills, and contact us with specific questions about them.  The listing of these bills should not be interpreted as an indication that their passage into law is likely.  In fact, many bills are never picked up in Committee and will not pass into law. Many more will be debated, but fail when voted on.  The likelihood of passage is dependent upon any number of factors and is difficult to predict with any certainty.

Some 2018 bills of interest include:



Akerman is pleased to be able to offer this timely update to you. Please note that the bills listed above may be or may have been revised in subsequent committee meetings.  Our team stands ready to assist you should you have specific questions and issues regarding these pieces of proposed legislation.