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Board Certified by The Florida Bar in Health Law, Martin Dix focuses his practice primarily on pharmacy and drug distribution law. His clients encompass nearly all aspects of the legal drug delivery system, including pharmacies, pharmacists, and pharmacy benefit managers; drug wholesalers; drug and dietary supplement manufacturers; retail medical oxygen dealers; and compressed medical gases wholesalers. He has also represented a variety of other health care providers and entities, such as physician practices, health care clinics, clinical laboratories, mental health centers, home health agencies and hospitals.

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Florida Acknowledges Exemption for Intracompany Sales of Pharmaceuticals

A new declaratory statement from Florida regulators clarifies the restrictions on intracompany sales of pharmaceuticals.  Previously, if one pharmacy in Florida wanted to send a bottle of prescription medicine to its sister pharmacy down the street, it had to obtain a type of wholesale drug distributor permit, as well as provide pedigree papers for the drug.  However, the new decision … Continue Reading

Apologizing for Medical Injuries…Is it Protected?

Under Florida law a person may make an apology to someone injured in an “accident” or to their family without the apology being admissible in court. Thirty-eight other states have similar laws which are generally referred to as “apology laws.” Studies suggest that apologizing may reduce the risk of a healthcare provider being sued, and there is some evidence to … Continue Reading

HHS Makes Good on Its Promise: Releases HIPAA Guidance for Refill Reminder Programs

As previously reported, HHS announced earlier this month that it would be providing clarification on the HIPAA Privacy Rule as it relates to marketing and prescription refill reminder programs.  On September 19, 2013, HHS made good on that promise when the Office for Civil Rights announced guidance on when refill reminders and other communications about drugs currently being prescribed … Continue Reading

HHS to Revamp Limits on Payments to Pharmacies for Refill Reminder Programs

The HIPAA Privacy Regulations have long required covered entities to seek a patient authorization in order to use or disclose protected health information (“PHI”) for marketing purposes. However, the Office for Civil Rights made it clear in its Q and A on its website that pharmacies were allowed to provide refill reminders to patients without an authorization as this was … Continue Reading

Florida Board of Pharmacy Approves the Centralized Prescription Filling Rule (Central Fill Pharmacy) for Hospital Pharmacies

On August 14, 2013 the Florida Board of Pharmacy voted to approve central fill pharmacy in a hospital setting. Centralized prescription filling or “central fill” is where two pharmacies separate the duties and responsibilities of dispensing a prescription. Generally, one pharmacy will receive the prescription and send it to, or share it with, another pharmacy with which it has an

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Recent Judicial Activity on the Pharmacy Front

Reimbursement for the Difference Between the Brand and Generic Drug

Graphic Communications Local 1B Health & Welfare Fund “A”, et al., Appellants, vs. CVS Caremark Corporation, et al.,  State of Minnesota Court Of Appeals, Case No. A12-1555 (May 6, 2013).

A recent decision by the Minnesota Court of Appeals reversed the dismissal of a case against pharmacies for not … Continue Reading

Florida Board of Pharmacy Continues to Review Sterile Compounding Issues

In light of the horrific meningitis outbreak attributed to drugs compounded by Massachusetts’ New England Compounding Center (“NECC”) in 2012, state boards of pharmacy around the country are undertaking a comprehensive review of their regulations governing sterile compounding and the enforcement of existing and new regulations. Sterile compounding generally involves a pharmacy compounding drugs that enter the body by way … Continue Reading