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A Quick Look at Healthcare Issues Expected to Make News in 2015

As we look into our crystal balls, we do not expect a lot of new issues in 2015. Rather, we believe that most of the significant issues will be a continuation of issues that arose in 2014 or earlier. For example, continued implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (the “ACA”), which was … Continue Reading

ACA Cap on Deductibility of Compensation to Health Insurance Carriers’ Executives May Have Broad Tax Impacts

Health insurance carriers are keenly aware of many provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“ACA”). But an often-overlooked ACA provision may actually impact the ability of these insurers and their non-insurance related entities, in their role as sophisticated employers, to take tax deductions for certain compensation paid to their executives.  This change … Continue Reading

11th Circuit Issues Cautionary Opinion for Transactional Lawyers

The recent case of St. Joseph Hospital, Augusta, Georgia, Inc. v. Health Management Associates, Inc., Case No. 11-13069 (decided January 24, 2013), is a warning for transactional lawyers to be careful how they describe a transaction in pre-closing filings with government agencies. St. Joseph Hospital (now known as Trinity Hospital of Augusta) sued HMA for … Continue Reading

11th Circuit Upholds Florida’s Patient Self-Referral Act

Last month, in the case Fresenius Medical Care Holdings, Inc. et al. vs. DVA Renal Healthcare, Inc., the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of the Florida Patient Self-Referral Act of 1992. The Florida Legislature modeled the Florida Act after the federal Physician Self-Referral Prohibitions, or Stark law, that was passed in 1989.  … Continue Reading